Friday, April 07, 2006

Role Models

How can we teach our children to be honest, and trustworthy?

How can we tell our children hurting others for personal benefit is wrong?

How can we tell our children that difference is not a bad thing, and just because someone has a different culture and worships another god, it does not make them “evil doers”?

How can we tell our children to go to school and learn when educated people use words like “evil doers”?

How can we convince our children to any of this when the leader and role model of this country is George W. Bush?

Politics aside people, this man is a horrible example of what a good person should be. Telling classified information to shut someone up? Just because that someone was questioning "W's" motivations behind invading Iraq. Oh wait a minute....maybe this is his example of good Christian values he is so adamant about advocating for. I get it!!!


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