Friday, April 14, 2006

I Need a Shot of Vodka


This living apart from my husband is killing me. It's not so much the being apart from him that is so stressful, it's the mental, physical, emotional, drain from the distance. I love my husband, more than words can explain, but right now I resent the situation we're in.


Travel to see him.......Squeeze in a few hours before he has to go to work, then wait, by myself and kiddo, with no money to go do anything, the house not mine do anything with, then his parents show up with a whole world of problems they bring in of their own. I feel anger and it's hard not to take it out on him.

He comes home to see me.......Roommate in the house so we're not really home alone and, everyone and god realizes Andrew is home and comes over or in town to see him. My house is full, and yes I'm selfish but I want to just spend a normal moment ALONE with my family. What can I say. We can't go anywhere without people there.

Broke down...........

I'm almost to the end and running out of steam. I know we only have a few more months to go but I feel drained and question whether or not I can make it with out breaking.


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