Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A bit of a poetry day I think

Self Destruction
By Ayisha Knight

Death by
Invisibility will soon
The mind for
I have been swallowed by
the diet craze.
A hundred thirty pounds is
too much for a girl
your size, the ads claim, and so
I swallow the sweet poison
with the hope someday that
I too
will have
skinny legs,
bony arms,
little breasts,
and flat stomach
in order to please the man
I used to love.
As I too become
a pill popping woman
at one hundred and twenty pounds,
I swallow my desires
and suppress my feelings of anger
and frustration
at the fear of one day expanding,
gaining power,
and one day consuming the giant
who possessesmy soul.
Slowly, I become
the incredible
shrinking woman.
At one hundred pounds,
the man
I used to love
says I am beautiful
and should become
a model.
I smile but am
too weak to respond.
The poison within my
body and mind has
overpowered me.
My throat has now
shrunk to the point
where I can
no longer scream
for my dreams.
Two ribs are removed
to maintain my
my flat stomach,
and my non-existent hips.
I fail to feel
the pain.
My blood has
stopped its circulation
and so I die,
unable to bear life
in my attempt to
the image
of a twelve year old girl
forced to look
twice her age.


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