Tuesday, January 17, 2006


There are certain people in life that irritate the shit out of me. For example people who laugh at the mentally retarded, or people who trash public restrooms. There is no need for that idiotic behavior. WE ARE ALL GROWN UPS….right? The most annoying of them all, in my opinion, is the “in the library cell phone answerer”.

Now I’m not one who thinks the cell phone should be totally banned from the library. It is my only clock for one, and two, text messages allow communication with little to no disturbance for me as just so long as ringers are set on vibrate to receive. But you always have that one IDIOT who answers his cell phone. I’m sitting in the library now and in the span of 20 minutes it has happened twice…..sacrilege.

The sneaky villain is my favorite. He answers quietly and cups his hand around the mouth piece as if to contain the noise from his mouth. Then he slinks behind the desk as if he were to tie his shoe and whisperers,” hello”. There is about 10 seconds of murmured conversation, most of which I can entirely hear because it is a freggin library and I can hear EVERYTHING. Not too much of a disturbance, however still very disrespectful.

Make that 3 times now………..

The loud outside voice type is usually your good old boy Agg. major. He makes noise just sitting still, and is usually on the computer looking up sports information and or checking his facebook. He makes no qualms about the fact that his phone just rang, AND proceeds to answer it with a full on HELLO….This one is the one the librarian gets up and tracks down, hell I can hear him halfway across the room. Poor thing, he probably couldn’t read the sign. You know the one with the picture of a giant cell phone and a circle with the line drawn through it.

There were no such thing as cell phones when my parents went to school, yet they survived, got married, partied, did drugs, had babies, and found self fulfilling careers. (Not necessarily in that order) What the heck can be SOOOOO damn important that it requires an individual to answer a cell phone in the library? That’s what voice mail is for people, let alone Caller ID. Call them back eh?!

What a novel idea…..

Any who, next time you are in a library and answer your cell phone, just know that pissed off hippie chick over in the corner mumbling something under her breath is me. AND take it outside please…..for all us ADD people.


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