Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Music to My Ears

When I first took my job at the beginning of the semester, the idea of getting up at 5am wasn’t all that appealing. However, now I’ve actually started to enjoy getting up so damn early. There is hardly any traffic on the way to work, I get THE best parking space in the parking lot, and the wait in line at McD’s is non existent if I choose to grab some grub. The best part is the serenity of getting up and taking a shower when all other participants in my house are fast asleep is NO interruptions of “mommy where is my……..”, NO husband poking his head in or groping me naked in the shower, no bird, cat, or dog, begging for attention or laying on the already crowded floor. Just me, the silence, and the world still asleep.
This morning it was nice out and I had the windows open, the air was cool, the sounds of night were still present, no cars, or people outside. Pure serenity! I was totally enjoying the quiet, ME time, then suddenly, as if a needle skidded across the Mozart record playing in my head, my serene quiet came to a unexpected halt and screeched into reality. A lout noise came from my bedroom, pppppppppppffffffffffffffffttttttttttt! Yep you guessed it folks, my sleeping husband was playing but in trumpet in his sleep. (damn if I only could have recorded that one he would have been so proud…teehee) This is not an uncommon occurrence at my house, we’re gaseous folks, and did you know the average person farts 14 times a day?! Imagine Angelina Jole blowing one out her cute little tush like that. It happens, I’m sure!
Not skipping a beat, because like I said my dude is always making “music”, I returned to my mental Mozart………….back to my tranquility. At that moment it happened again. Pppppppppffffffffffffffftttttttttt! This time the noise was coming from my son’s room. (he is soooooo his father’s son) At this point I decide, hell, if you can’t beat them join them………….ppppppffffffttttttt!
That’s right people. We’re the ppppppfffffffttttttt family. My mornings of peaceful bliss are not set to Mozart, but to the trumpets of my family’s own creation


Anonymous D said...

I tried to leave a comment about your Wall Mart post, but I couldn't.

In the UK, a major supermarket chain called ASDA is owned by Wall Mart... and I feel about going to ASDA the same as you do about going to Wall Mart... but I still do it... SOMEtimes. So... is there some consolation in the knowledge that spines are weak on both sides of the Atlantic?

5:57 AM  

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