Monday, October 03, 2005

Stand in Line, Don't Run Inside, and Push Your Chairs In..........Elementary Words of Wisdom

As I walk into work this afternoon and flip on the lights to the class room I'm about to set up I realize that 18 out of 30 chair are sideways, missing or out away from the desk tables. (yes I counted them) Now ordinarily this wouldn't bother a normal person.........But I am no normal person. So to calm my neurosis I start avidly putting chair by chair back under the table murmuring obscenities under my breath. I mean come on........We're talking about grown people here. I could understand chairs being misplaced in a 3rd grade class room but not in a college class room. Grown people man......Sometimes they kill me.

So by now I've gotten all the chairs back in order the desks pushed back in straight lines (and yes they were crooked too) knowing that in two hours when I come back to this room it's going to be the same mess. I'm no neat freak, anyone who knows me or has been to my house can tell you that, but little things like pushing the chair under the table drive me nutz. Grown people.......Grown people...........I think I'll make a sign....LOL


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