Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One Minute Youre Here the Next Minute You're Gone

In Memory of Bethany

Sitting in math class today I realized that my classmate is missing again (she was also absent on Monday). Her name is Bethany. A Short sweet little round person who I’ve come to enjoy sitting next to and talking with each Monday and Wednesday. She and I weren’t what I’d call close friends but had I met her outside of class or spent time with her I’m sure she would have ended up being a good friend. I asked the other girl who sits next to me if she had heard from or seen her. She shrugged also. Figuring she was just skipping class or ill I quickly sent her an e mail on web ct. Ten minutes later my Prof asks me to come up to her desk (we’re in lab….yes folks math lab I’m in special people math) She asked me if I knew the girl who usually sits next to me well and I said Bethany, yea she’s been gone two days, have you heard anything from her? She proceeds to hand me a piece of paper and told me to read it.

It was one of those official blanket e mails that the faculty receives. “One of our students [insert name and student ID here] has passed away” Passed away!? At this point my jaw drops to the floor and the feeling of “that will never happen to any one I know” hits as I realize I just sent her an e mail. The note summed it all up at the end listing where services will be held bla bla bla ect. Passed away…………

She was no more than 20 I believe. A virgin too…….yes this came up in discussion in math class. Passed away……….

I wasn’t particularly close to her but I did greatly enjoy her company and the fact that she’d make fun of one of the guys that sat close to us with me. She apparently had him in her history class and said he’s an idiot in there as well. So young, and gone, just like that. Kind of makes you think about your own life. Passed away……….where did that phrase come from in the first place? Passed away……….

From the information the Prof gave me it was a car crash that she was involved in. Passed away………that was no passing but instead an agonizing horrific scary death. Not to sound morbid but it’s true. One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone. Sure I’ve heard that a million times before, but today I think I felt it.

Once word spread in class some of the people said “you know that girl who sits in the back? She died!” That girl has a name, Bethany. Bethany will forever be remembered by me as the person who made fun of the “special” guy in class, came to tutoring with me because we’re both retarded at math, and was sweet, innocent and always laughing at my jokes. Bethany is her name, she’s not some girl, and my heart goes out to her parents, family, and friends. You will be missed.


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